The surgical training simulator


The surgical training simulator, SkillMate-MD is a high end haptic simulator, enabling to exercise laparoscopic surgery or MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) in VR environments. The simulator can be used as a master device to teleoperate a surgical robot.

The Configuration

The surgical training simulator, SkillMate-MD is composed of hardware and its software. The software has two main parts, simulation engine enabling haptic simulation in VR environments, and the monitoring of trainee's evaluating surgical skills.


  • It is efficient and economical training system for laparoscopic surgery.
  • It is a high-fidelity graphic rendering.
  • It provides real-time haptic feedback.
  • It is possible to make surgical training contents.
  • It has high cost performance compared to the conventional products.


The surgical training simulator, SkillMate-MD is used in internal medicine for diagnosis
training as well as surgical training in laparoscopic surgery. Possible trainees are beginner
doctors, surgeons and expertised doctors. Doctors can use SkillMate-MD for the training of
the endoscopic handling and the laparoscopic surgery. The applied departments include
surgery department, internal medicine, digestive surgery, obstetrician, urology, otolaryngology
and etc.


  1. Monitor
  2. Left Handle
    -1DOF(Gripping Sensor)
  3. SkillMate-MD(L)
    -4DOF(r, y, p, z)
  4. Control Box(L)
  5. Right Handle
    -1DOF(Gripping Sensor)
  6. SkillMate-MD(R)
    -4DOF(r, y, p, z)
  7. Control Box(R)





Going straight 300mm Translational motion into the body
Rotation ±∞° Roll (Axis Rotation)
±30° Yaw (Left & Right)
±30° Pitch (Up & Down)
Fuzzy movement 15mm

Grip, Pull & Push, Cut

Haptic function Fz, Rx, Ry, Rz Interacting force with a trainee


The haptic controller measures motion of a trainee and imprints the haptic feedback in the course of operating simulated organs in VR environments. The haptic controller consists of four survo motors, four motor drivers and one control board for the purpose of motion control. The SDK software is an option for system developers.


The software consists of simulation engine, record editor of training result and training scenario editor. They make easy to customize the software.

Simulation Engine

  • Composed of deform engine, scenario execution engine, graphic/haptic renderer.
  • Scenario engine is a FSM (Finite State Machine) based simulation.
  • State-tracking and context-aware reaction.

Training Results Recording/Editing Module

  • Training Results recorded into video clips and event logs.
  • High-speed seeking and editing of video clips and event logs.
  • Defining evaluation models, score calculation of training results, a skill analysis by graphs.

Quantitative Evaluation Module

  • Quantitative evaluation possible against user-defined evaluation model.
  • Tabular and graphical visualization for evaluation results.

Training Scenario Editing Module

  • The graphic programming of surgical procedures by flow charts.
  • Easy to create training scenarios due to adoption of the concept "unit surgery operation"
    → Easy programming of training scenario without coding.
  • Able to model conditional branching and looping.